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Our Vision

To be recognised as a market leader and preferred supplier of innovative, sustainable and cost-effective concrete products.

Our Mission

To supply value added concrete product solutions  in a profitable partnerships with distributors, contractors, masons and builders.

Our Company

Renekton Concrete Products is a subsidiary of Renekton Ghana Limited (RenektonGh) founded in 2017.

We manufacture our own range of Concrete Blocks in our factory located at Nsakinaa – Accra and you can also find us at Our Odorkor Office. The Company benefit from a wide range of experience and knowledge in the concrete products manufacturing industry.

What do we do:

Current building standards has created a need for concrete block with high compressive strength, good fire resistance and a good thermal conductivity for indoor thermal comfort. To satisfy these requirements, Renekton Concrete products uses high-end vibro compression equipment for molding and use the best materials ratios in our concrete mix. We are also particular about curing and maturing our Concrete Products before it gets to market.

At RenektoGh, it’s not only about producing the best quality masonry products and provisioning affordable housing but the company is built on the philosophy of continuous incremental improvement to what  we offer in the believe that every aspect of our lives deserves a constant improvement.

The fundamental elements guiding RenektoGh are:

  • Teamwork – We win together through leadership, collaboration, open and honest communication and respect.
  • Improved morale – We strive to act only with the highest ethical standards.
  • Quality circles – We strive for excellence in our work, products and services.
  • Suggestions for improvement – We encourage creative thinking and intelligent risk taking.
  • Community – We care about and are involved in our communities.
  • Recognition – We celebrate the achievements of others.